The Crew

Now then… not only have we made the drawings striking and therefore memorable but each character of the book brings the idioms to life.

My husband, Larry,


Larry has needed to “blow off steam” while running the house on  his own while I work on my book.

He is the one with the black hair and bushy eyebrows.

My youngest daughter, Lily.

Full Of BeansDon’t be fooled by her girly looks and long blonde hair. She may be “full of beans” but while working on this book she got her first ever job. Who knows, maybe she will become a journalist like me?


My second eldest, Liam.

Flat broke

 Liam looks like he just stepped out of a boyband…without the money. He is always “flat broke” but that doesn’t seem to stop him from flirting with the girls.



Leah, The oldest of the bunch!

have one finger in every pie

Leah seems to have “one finger in every pie” (a lot happening) and seemed to know just who to call on when times got tough… normally the pizza delivery guy!

 Rebecca, Larry’s colleague.

Full of yourself

Some people may think it’s odd that I included  Rebecca, but she is so “full of herself”. She jumped at the chance to be featured.

Top, the DOG, better known as “TOP-DOG”. Top Dog is the “big Cheese” (most important person) of the family


Top Dog

Trouble, the CAT, May look as if “butter wouldn’t melt” but “don’t judge a book by its cover”. TRouble is … well trouble!