How to use an Idiom and who is your audience?

How to use each idiom? Don’t know? Read on so you do not end up with “Egg on your face”!

Most of the idioms are “informal” and some are “humorous” and inoffensive but are mainly used in specific environments.

Other idioms can be used in everyday scenarios “for any audience”, even in front of the Queen of The United Kingdom or The President of the United States of America Barack Obama.

Other idioms are just to be used with “friends and family”, which include Colleagues from work but only in a very informal conversation. However, Watch out, we don’t want to get you “in hot water” (into trouble). there are idioms that should only be used in very very familiar environments, so We have included a warning stamp: “know your audience (meaning be careful, it can be rude).

Some idioms “can be derogatory” (offensive) and you have to be cautious when using them if you do not want to be misunderstood.