New Book launched in April 2016

LAURA LIPS in Eye-Catching English Idioms at WORK

LAURA LIPS in Eye-Catching English Idioms at WORK

We are pleased as punch (very happy) to announce that our new book Laura Lips in Eye-catching Idioms at Work has just been released!! This new book features over 70 idioms, activity worksheets, and a story. This is the first time that one of our books has included a story, and it’s not just any story! It is all about an internship, featuring Laura Lips and her daughter Leah, so it’s perfect for older students. Perhaps you are thinking about going to work in an international company, or perhaps you are already working in an international company and you struggle to get a grasp (have an understanding) of what your colleagues are saying due to the number of idioms they use. Well, we don’t want you to be kept in the dark (clueless), which is why this book is a must for anyone looking to brush up on (improve) and/or reinforce their knowledge of the English language (ISBN 9788494535406).

Also available with the meanings in Spanish (ISBN: 9788494535413) and in Catalan (ISBN: 9788494535420)!

Eye-Catching English collection was launched in 2015 and is now available on Amazon UK

Our collection is also on sale in Spain in: COME IN English Bookshop, LAIE, ALIBRÍ, FNAC, CASA DEL LIBRO and all main online bookshops.

The English language is jam-packed (full) with idioms and expressions in films, songs, newspapers and daily life. Trying to remember them all is enough to make anyone brain-dead (exhausted). We have therefore decided to spill the beans (share) on over 50 of our favourite idioms and expressions with humorous and Eye-Catching (striking) literal drawings for each idiom.

Laura Lips in EYE-Catching English Book

Laura Lips in EYE-Catching English Book

This visual aid, written for all ages, is a piece of cake (very easy) to read, so keep your hair on (relax) and laugh your socks off (laugh hard).

ISBN: 9788460690818

PAUL CHIDGEY, Education Consultant in UK: “I commend eye-catching idioms as a walk in the park for children aged from 7 to 70; it really is an easy and enjoyable learning activity for all!”

JUDITH KEELING, Daily Mail Journalist: “An entertaining and memorable aid to help you nail (master) the English language and its baffling idioms.”

Also available with the meanings in Spanish!! ISBN: 9788460694434