Phrasal Verbs

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the family is here “Laura Lips in Eye Catching Phrasal verbs” is part of our graded reading material aimed at Level B1 and above. It follows the story of a missing nanny, and through this story the reader will learn phrasal verbs in context. Each page has a striking illustration to depict the phrasal verb, and also two really helpful “warning stamps”. The first one tells you if it is or Separable or Inseparable (with Direct object, transitive or without direct object,intransitive), and the second, tells you what the preposition means in this particular phrasal verb. The combination of these factors means that the reader is learning the phrasal verb as naturally as possible. So don’t hang on any longer, pick up your copy now!LAURA LIPS in Eye-Catching PHRASAL VERBS the case of the missing nanny