General English

Are you looking to learn English in a relaxed and comfortable environment?

Are you tired of using boring materials like lists of verbs and tests?

Are you a visual learner?

If so, our courses are for you.


Come to our conversation classes and learn English using our unique method of learning through visuals. Each week we will cover various topics including health, latest books, current affairs, politics, music, travel etc and will throw in a few idioms and phrasal verbs just for “good measure.”

We work in small groups, so we can adapt to each student’s level.

You will feel that you are attending a personalised course.



Busy working mum or dad? Kids count as work too! We can offer you English classes at your home, at your office, or even in the park with your little ones in tow! Our native English teachers are on hand to help you every step of the way. Whether you are a total beginner or just want to brush up for an important job interview, we cater for all levels.



Are you a bookworm (person who reads a lot)? A movie buff (film enthusiast)? Or do you like to keep up with (stay informed about) current affairs?

If so, and you have time on your hands (available time), join our CULTURAL ENGLISH conversation classes and have fun while you improve your speaking skills with a native teacher!



We offer one-to-one and group classes, and adapt each class accordingly.



We are all too aware that students have long days at school and the last thing they want to do is yet more studying. This is why we create a fun experience for children using songs, games, arts and crafts, and of course our own visuals, to create an environment that kids want to return to week after week. All of this can be done in either groups or as a 1:1 Look at this more like an educational after-school activity, and see your children shine.