Our Visual Aids

Our Visual aids are unique, fun and memorable.

The purpose of the aids is to help you remember both the Idioms and their meanings.

Alongside each Idiom we have included a striking drawing. Some drawings will make you “laugh your socks off” while some drawings may make you do a “double take”(look twice), some drawings may even make you think ewww but we have done this for one reason; to remember the idioms and never forget.

Take “Finger in every pie.” In the book you will see Laura Lips´ daughter, Leah who literally has her finger in many pies, while she is on the phone trying to organise a multitude of things.

“You are doing my head in” is a good example of one the drawings that may make you look twice because someone is drillig into Laura Lips head… how lovely, but I bet you remember it!!

Overall our method increases the recall rate, and we are sure you will even surprise yourself at how many you will remember after reading the book just once!